March 2013

What do games, Joico education and increased sales have in common? Angry Birds. …Wait, what?! Joico’s new JET program (Joico Education Technology) takes a page from the world of fun – and addictive –   interactive gaming! Inspired in part by the craze that has swept the nation, Angry Birds caught the online and mobile world by storm. Though not a replica of the game, it was the simple idea of gaming and an interactive points and prizing concept that really grabbed the attention of those at Joico, when thinking of new and interesting ways to educate about its brand and products, while increasing sales support. The Joico JET program is dedicated to improving product knowledge at the first tier of influential product experts: retail sales professionals. When consumers decide what to buy the last person they consult, the one at the point of decision is the retail sales professional.

The Joico JET platform builds effective product knowledge in retail sales professionals with highly effective, online training services. Designed as a fun and interactive, on-line learning platform, Joico JET is meant to encourage Joico education and training via engaging bite-sized learning modules designed to graduate Joico store employees, DSCs and educators through various product-focused learning modules easily accessible on-line, through either their home or office PC.

“In our industry, it’s really a small group of influential product experts that affect almost all consumer purchase decisions. They’re the retail sales professionals at your favorite store, employees of the company that makes products you love, or the people whose livelihood depends on the quality of products they use every day,” says Angelia Polsinelli, Sr. Director of North American Education for Joico/ISO/Minardi, and spearhead for this new program. “When deciding what to buy, consumers want these trusted experts – armed with deep product knowledge that comes from effective training and first-hand experience – to guide them to the products that are best for them, and JET will help train and continuously support them to truly be these experts,” explains Polsinelli.

How does it work? Distributors sign up staff members with the Joico JET Program. This can include store employees, DSCs and Educators. Staff members are provided with a member id with which they can log-in and access on-line training modules.

Training modules consist of Product Information presented in a multitude of interactive exercises. Members complete an interactive module (time spent is usually 15/20 minutes per module) on a given topic.  Modules are part of a larger curriculum of courses – the user graduates from one module to another module, fulfilling a given curriculum. At the end of each module, the member must complete a short online quiz in order to pass the module and progress to the next level. When the members successfully pass their quiz, they are rewarded with a FREE GIFT, and are also allowed to proceed to the next module in the course. New modules will continuously be created by the Joico team, so the program continues to grow, educate and engage.

The Joico JET website will automatically track your progress and let you know when new courses are available. Need to come back and finish up a course later? No problem – JET will automatically save your place, and pick up where you left off, next time you sign in.

In addition to prizes for completing each learning module, daily active users are automatically submitted in quarterly grand prize drawings. With this simple yet engaging tool, members receive the benefit of becoming product experts, leading to better sales, as well as wealth of prizes and give-a-way incentives, just for learning about Joico products.

Joico JET launches in March first to personnel at stores, and district sales consultants for BSG as well as Armstrong McCall, State Beauty, Peerless, Emiliani, Paramount and others. The program launches to National Accounts later in the summer.

Contact Angelia Polsinelli at APOLSINELLI@joico.com to learn more about the Joico JET program, and how it can help you streamline product knowledge and training, and help you increase sales.