Joico Vero K-PAK Color Spokesperson Beth Minardi Offers Celeb Brunette Hues and How-Tos

August 23rd, 2012

Move over, Blondies. Brunettes are taking center stage this season, declaresJoico International Vero K-PAK Color Spokesperson Beth Minardi, thanks to exciting new formulas and techniques. Three celebs who are currently in the spotlight—The Duchess of Cambridge, Katy Perry and Anne Hathaway–are sporting scintillating brunette shades that are sure to evoke desire in your brown-haired girls. Minardi offers up the formulas, care and styling products that will help you get the looks for each member of this high-profile “brownie troop!”


Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

The lovely princess positively glows, no doubt due to the fact that her prince and her people clearly adore her. But that glow could also be attributed to her beautiful, glimmering hue, says Beth. “Her dark hair is lit through with tiny glimmers of golden light,” she comments. Her highlighting weapon of choice, she reveals, is Joico VeroLights Crème Lightener. “With the right developer and the right timing, this lightener gives you complete control over your amount of lift,” says Beth. “To re-create the Duchess’ shade, lift the highlights to a soft gold. And in this instance, avoid lifting the base—it’s not necessary and you will avoid the risk of revealing unwanted warmth.”

To maintain lush, shiny condition like Kate’s, Beth recommends shampooing and conditioning with Minardi Luxury Color Care Nourishing Wash andAfter-Wash for lightened hair. And everyone knows that the princess loves her blow-outs! Minardi Luxury Color Care Subdue Frizz Restraining Crème is the perfect prep product for producing smooth, silky locks fit for a royal! To enhance shine and luster you can use NEW Glisten Color Reflecting Drops too.

Katy Perry

After dabbling in a range of hues from grape to cotton candy to Smurf blue, the pop star has embraced a grown-up shade of deep brunette. It’s rich, inky and dramatic. “My formula of choice for Katy’s shade would be equal parts Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome N1/Black Amethyst and INB/Royal Blue Intensifier,” suggests Beth.

Coddle over-worked hair with Minardi Luxury Color Care Balancing Washand After-Wash, packed with natural moisturizers and Vitamin B5. Prepare hair for a glamorous finish with Minardi Luxury Color Care Root Lift Elevating Mist on the roots and Subdue Frizz Restraining Crème on mids and ends. And for hair that’s gone through a lot of color like Perry’s, Minardi Pre-Wash Therapy is perfect to fortify hair with the moisture and nourishment it needs.

Anne Hathaway

Although she cropped her famous chestnut locks to portray the dying Fantine in the upcoming film version of Les Miz, Hathaway manages to embody healthy chic with her sexy, new, gamine look. “There is a subtle warmth to this shade, like root beer, that is beautiful with her complexion,” enthuses Beth. “To create the gingery tone, I would use equal parts of Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome G6/Sandalwood and RB4/Amaretto Crème.” For weightless care that won’t leave strands flat, try Minardi Luxury Color Care Weightless Wash and After-Wash. A styler like Minardi Pieces Soft Hold Pomade offers a wealth of finishing options for a layered crop like this—from sleek to tousled and pieced-out or Minardi Finish Flexible Spray for a brushable, glossy and color-enhancing finish!">