Beverly Hills Stylist Mika Fowler Reaches for Joico to Create the Star’s Red Carpet Looks

September 10th, 2012

With her creamy, freckled skin and thick, glossy hair, actress Olivia Munn is the epitome of healthy, natural California chic. Currently she’s starring in The Newsroom on HBO and in Magic Mike in theatres, and her next film–The Babymakers–is scheduled for August release. With so many projects in the works, red carpet and TV appearances are plentiful, and Munn frequently turns to stylist Mika Fowler of Gavert Atelier in Beverly Hills for public appearance prep. “Olivia is very careful about her hair,” says Mika, “so we always talk about the best possible haircare.” Among the actress’s favorites, she reveals, are the protein-based Joico K-PAK formulas.

Want to recreate Olivia’s signature, chic and glamorous style? Mika reveals the how-tos for three of the stars most recent red carpet looks.

Casual Polish

“The center part and loose texture were perfect for the summery Missoni knit dress,” Mika comments. Begin by applying Joico Design Collection Texture Spray to damp hair. Dry the hair with a blow dryer, twisting the sections with your hands to encourage movement as you dry. Once hair is dry, divide it into vertical sections. Work around the head, alternating between a 1-inch and 1 ¼-inch curling iron. Twist each section as you spiral the strand along the iron. “The twisting motion creates a very loose, casual texture,” Mika explains. Once hair cools, mist with Joico Design Collection Dry Spray Wax for volume and touchable hold.

Sultry Waves

“Twelve-inch clip-in extensions provided instant length for this beautiful Armani gown,” Mika reveals. Begin by applying Joico K-PAK Thermal Design Foamto damp hair. Blow dry for volume with a Y.S. Park round brush (a popular Japanese brand.) Attach the extensions below the crown area. Create vertical waves by combining the natural hair with the extensions and twirling strands around alternating 1-inch and 1 ¼-inch curling irons. Once hair cools, tousle it with your hands and mist with Joico K-PAK Protective Hairspray.

Breezy Bun

This sweet, swept-up chignon provides the perfect “La Dolce Vita” vibe for Munn’s slinky Dolce & Gabbana frock. To get the look, mist damp hair withJoico Design Collection Texture Spray and blow dry. “Set” strands in pincurls with a 1-inch and a 1 ¼-inch curling iron, alternating the two. Allow hair to curl completely, remove clips and gently gather hair in a ponytail, preserving as much of the texture as possible. Re-curl the ponytail ends with a Rowenta 2-in-1 Ceramic Curling Iron, twist the ends into a bun and secure. Mist with Joico JoiMist Firm.">