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JoiColor System App

Joico color appWe’re so thrilled to introduce you to our brand-new JoiColor System App–a technological breakthrough that’s going to fundamentally change the way you look at hair color. (Literally.) Imagine an app that houses all of your favorite Joico color collections: Vero K-PAK Color, and our latest baby, LumiShine. In one interactive instant, you’ll be able to upload photos and shade match to perfection; watch step-by-step videos from the world’s hottest colorists; create formulas with right-at-your-fingertips instructions; and even master competitive color conversions without looking at a single swatch book. It’s 24/7 education right on your smart phone; and you can get the full download right here…

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Joico Hair Color LumishineCOLOR SO BRILLIANT, IT INSTANTLY RESTRENGTHENS HAIR WITH UP TO TWICE THE SHINE. NEW Joico LumiShine transforms hair from the inside out with breakthrough ArgiPlex Technology, delivering astonishing shine, color longevity, and overall healthier hair—guaranteed!
Hair with up to twice the shine
100% replenished and restrengthened hair
Nourishing protection that seals in moisture, softness and shine for up to 30 full shampoos

IT’S EASY! Three simple steps to brilliant color—consultation, formulation, and application.

ITS PREDICTABLE… RELIABLE… AND UTTERLY STRAIGHTFORWARD! A full spectrum of perfectly balanced, intermixable pre-blended shades allows you to deliver straight-from-the-tube (or bottle) color perfection—every single time.

IT SMELLS AMAZING! LumiShine is formulated with Joico’s exclusive Gentle Fresh Fragrance technology, a patented combination of molecules that helps neutralize airborne ammonia and envelopes your color service in fresh, soothing notes of bergamot, iris, and sandalwood. Client comfort is off the charts.



VERO K-PAK PERMANENT CREME COLORRepair and protect hair as you color with Vero K-PAK Permanent Crème Color, the only permanent haircolor featuring award-winning K-PAK Reconstructor. This system, adored by beauty editors and celebrity colorists from coast to coast, delivers the one-two punch of stunning vibrancy, excellent condition, predictability, and long-lasting color results every single time. How’s that for fabulous?

Intermixable true tone shades provides amazing artistic freedom, allowing colorists to think outside the box by creating endless color possibilities within a streamlined inventory. More bang for the buck, if you will.


Experience the vibrancy and condition of Vero K-PAK’s permanent crème color in an ammonia-free, demi-permanent formula that lasts between four to eight weeks. Vero K-PAK Chrome provides high-gloss, natural-looking gray blending that fades gradually, making it the perfect choice for the “uninitiated” –especially, guys and graying clients.

Intermixable shades offer colorists total artistic freedom, plus the ability to dream up endless color possibilities within a streamlined inventory.



Joico Hair Color Age DefyBring back the glorious look and feel of youth with Vero K-PAK Age Defy, the first haircolor proven to reverse the four key signs of maturing hair.

The Age Defy permanent crème palette offers the largest selection of gray coverage shades on the market, plus three anti-aging must-haves in each tube of color: Softer, more manageable texture; Renewed luster and vibrancy; Top-of-the-line conditioning



Joico Hair Color IntensityDiscover a whole new spectrum of brilliant color with Joico Color Intensity—our intensely concentrated pigments designed to help you create over-the-top vibrancy that lasts up to 20 shampoos.

Use them straight from the tube, or mix and mingle shades to your heart’s content—the creative possibilities are endless!



Joico Haircolor LightenersDiscover lightening options that deliver high performance and healthy results. Our Lighteners enable you to achieve on-and-off scalp blonding while keeping hair remarkably close to its original, healthy condition. Each formula has been designed to help you achieve the most consistently artistic and imaginative creations possible.