PRISM 2015

Download the PRISM DIFFUSION & ILLUSION Step-by-Step Techniques:

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The Joico Creative Team found inspiration in the way the angles of a prism refract light to create many different plays on shape and color.

“The collection is prism-like in both form and function,” said Sue Pemberton, Vero K-PAK Color International Artistic Director. “Each l ook features many facets or ‘angles’ of shape and color, so the end result can vary greatly depending on how the hair is manipulated.”

To achieve this effect, shape and color were skillfully synergized for maximum versatility, with each look having the ability to go from “avant-garde editorial” to “everyday salon wearable” with minimal effort from the stylist or wearer.

The Shapes:  All excess weight was extracted from the cuts to create moldable, universally flattering shapes with diffused exterior lines. The geometry was built into the interior of the cuts so that the inner layers act as a prism, all owing color to be exposed to both light and depth in an infinite number of ways.

The Colors:  Pemberton pulled out all the s tops for the color, combining color blocking, strand splitting and feathering techniques to create the optical illusion of shimmering, incandescent color. “Live color is not one dimensional; the eye picks up both the actual pigment and the light refraction caused by either structure or movement,” explained Pemberton. “The haircolor placement in this collection mimics refraction by using the lines of the hair cut to ‘ split the light’ and create variation of tone and depth.”">