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Bold sex appeal, extreme luxury and edgy glamor are back – in a BIG way!

After more than two decades of subtlety and minimalism, In-Excess, Joico’s new trend collection, heralds a return to the extravagance of the 1980s.

But rather than reproduce the past, Joico International Artistic Directors Damien Carney and Sue Pemberton did as many fashion designers did for their spring 2014 collections and cleverly reinvented the most defining
trends of “the decade of excess” for a new era.

“The goal wasn’t to create a retrospective of past trends, but instead be inspired by the more-is-better attitude of the time,” said Carney. “It was as if no one ever questioned, ‘is this too much?’ That’s the spirit that drove this collection.”
Styling-wise, retro hair trends such as skyscraper bangs, extreme texture and a Flock of Seagulls-like fringe were also given a 21st-century makeover, proving that with ingenuity, everything old can be made new again.

For the color, Pemberton, fresh from her second NAHA win, found inspiration in the bold, bright hairstyles of the MTV generation – Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Boy George, just to name a few. “The level of color intensity is the same, but because the updates are much more refined than the originals, the finished looks are very modern and wearable – not the least bit dated or over-the-top,” said Pemberton. Pemberton also used a variety of color application techniques to recreate the wild, pattern-on-pattern “color and texture clashes” of artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Frank Stella, mirroring the “graphic, layered complexity” seen on the spring runways of Ann Demeulemeester, Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Fendi. “The result is excessive without being ‘excessive,’ explained Pemberton. “It’s excessive in a good way.”">