Winter Hair Rescue

You put snow tires on the car; pull out the leather boots, and add a rich moisturizer to your skincare regimen. Meanwhile, your hair’s going, “Hello? Forget something?”

Winter brings with it a special set of coif challenges, but we’re tackling every single one of them here…with targeted, carefully chosen products that combat any harsh hit the weather might dole out. The forecast? Just gorgeous…


The Problem: Arctic temperatures mean it’s time to cover up. But we don’t think you need to be stuck with flat (as in: unflat-tering) hair in the process of trying to fend off frostbite.

The Fix: Please go ahead and grab that hat. But before you do so, bump up the volume with Joico Hair Shake, an extraordinary liquid-to-powder texturizer that injects velvety dimension in a single shot. Once you remove your hat, just finger-scrunch hair a few times and watch you ‘do come right back to life.


The Problem: You turn up the heat and end up not looking so cool, as those bone-dry rooms sap the moisture right out of your hair, causing an electrifyingly unattractive condition known as the flyaways.

The Fix: One long, tall drink of K-PAK Intense Hydrator, and those standing-room only strands take their seat. Add a spritz of Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray and you’ve sealed the deal for good.


The Problem: The very same indoor conditions that cause static electricity are also responsible for leaving your hair so parched and prone to split ends that ordinary conditioners don’t stand a chance. Add overzealous blowdrying (since letting hair air-dry in freezing winter isn’t always an option) and you’ve doubled the dryness.

The Fix: First things first…a good trim every six weeks will keep those splits at bay. Then add a dab of our brilliant K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum, a serum that seals and protects strands from those fraying ends.


The Problem: You’ve taken the time to blow out your hair all sleek and shiny…and one step outside in the wet, sloppy snow and your ‘do has seemingly tripled in volume. Not in a good way.

The Fix: Spritz our fine-mist aerosol Humidity Blocker onto hair before you leave the house and you can kiss that frizz goodbye. An undetectable protective barrier provides a buffer around each strand of hair, safeguarding it from the kinking effects of winter moisture.


The Problem: You’ve kept up with color appointments; but all of a sudden, your blonde highlights are looking sort of meh…and those dimensional brunettes have dimmed. That’s because dry air/dry hair does a number on color by sucking the moisture out of strands so your ‘do appears to be stripped of shine…dull…dreary.

The Fix: Lock in both pigment and gloss with products designed to preserve that just-out-of-the-chair look…the perfect way to combat dull winter locks between appointments. Joico’s Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated specifically for brunettes, keeping fading (and brassiness) at bay for up to eight weeks by bonding to hair fibers like a new best friend; Color Balance Purple works similarly for blondes and grays…bringing a burst of brilliance and depth with a single cleanse-and-condition treatment.">