…The very same hairstyles that turned the head of Joico’s hot-and-happening pro, Jonathan Colombini, at this year’s Oscar Awards. As celebrities glided down the red carpet, our guy was on a mission to spot the best, the brightest, the hottest hair in Hollywood—and then steal you instructions on how to forge the looks for your next spotlight moment. (Please note: No actors were harmed in Jonathan’s quest to mimic the magic.) Here, the stars whose spell he fell under…and the covert how-to’s to recreate their ‘dos.



Synopsis: A redheaded member of Hollywood royalty—winner of this year’s Best Actress Award for her portrayal of an Alzheimer patient in Still Alice—gathers her gingery locks into a classic-yet-modern fairytale of a chignon. Undaunted by the fear of falling hair, Moore manages to pull off glamorous shine and a secure updo as the night wears on.


·      Start with a smooth blowout, then emulsify a generous amount of Heat Set onto hands and apply to towel-dried hair to protect strands from your appliance. Then begin blowing out hair with a flat, boar-bristle brush.

·      After hair is dry, add a clean side part, then sweep hair into a low ponytail and secure with a bungee elastic.

·      Roll, twist, and tuck the pony to form a bun at the nape. Secure with hairpins.

·      For over-the-top shine with zero flyaways, spritz on K-PAK Color Therapy Dry Oil Spray.

·      Add extra security detail by misting the entire ‘do with Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


Synopsis: A British-born bombshell, playing the tortured-soul-of-a-girlfriend in this year’s smash hit, Birdman, eschews the expected, uber-coiffed ‘do by arriving at the Oscar’s in a tumble of sophisticated waves. Effortless enough to appear relaxed for the after-parties, Watts’s tousled tresses give her an air of nonchalance that inspires the envy of viewers around the world.


·      After blow-drying hair, work a good dollop of Power Whip Whipped Foam from roots through ends to instantly boost volume and texture.

·      Add a slightly-off-center part.

·      Using a curling iron, wrap ½-inch sections around the barrel, holding for five seconds, and then unwrapping without dropping the hair from your hand. To relax the curl and develop a looser wave, gently pull each the curl down slightly as you move on to the next.

·      Emulsify a dab of Matte Grip in your palm, and work it through hair in a raking motion to nail the piece-y look.

·      Tuck one side behind your ear. It’s cool. Period.

·      Spray the entire hairstyle with Humidity Blocker to guarantee a stand-up performance no matter how many drops rain on your Los Angeles parade.



Synopsis: A stunning model, who burst on the style scene by baring her bikini bod in the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, begins making talked-about appearances on American television. The brilliant career navigation—and brilliant marriage to legendary musician, John Legend–lands her a invitation to the Oscar’s, where her long, luxurious waves grab the attention of adoring fans.


·      Forget the shower-and-cleanse step (well, maybe not the shower); this style works its magic on day-old hair, texturized to the max with plenty of Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo.

·      Curl hair with your choice of roller set or curling iron, then allow to cool completely for holding power.

·      Mist Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax on the bristles of flat boar-bristle brush, then brush out waves to pull each curl into a looser silhouette. Using your fingers, “zhoozh” hair until it’s molded and formed to perfection.

·      Finish with Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray to keep things touchable but secure for the all-night parties.">