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The question on everyone’s lips at last night’s Emmy Awards was not, “Who are you wearing?,” but rather, “Who did your hair?” And that’s because Jane The Virginstar, Gina Rodriguez, and model/author/actress, Padma Lakshmi, were exquisitely coiffed by none other than two of Joico’s finest before they hit the proverbial red carpet and the cameras started clicking.

Thanks to the Hollywood handiwork of celebrity colorist, Denis de Souza and our glossy, new color line LumiShine–designed to last up to full 30 shampoos–Padma’s trademark flowing, brunette hair got Denis’s signature “Sombré” touch; a sizzling twist on the popular Ombré look that takes sultry to a whole new level. For Gina, the task of doing justice to her magical Lorena Sarbu gown was in the hands of style master, Paul Norton, who followed the whimsical lines of the design—subdued glamour on top, flowing, elaborate floral cutouts below—as his hair cue. The result? A glam ponytail that starts out tame then becomes dramatic and voluminous as the look goes on.

Despite his intense, high-energy night, Paul brought us the exclusive how-to’s within hours of Gina’s red-carpet appearance. Get the star-studded details right here…


Wash and wear: Paul instructed Gina to shampoo and condition with Joico’s new Color Infuse Brown duo (available November 2015) before they got down to business. “The products give her raven-brunette hair an extraordinary richness and vibrancy,” he explains.

Pick the perfect profile: Because Gina’s lavish gown was fitted and sleek on top, flowing and elaborate on the bottom, Paul created a coif that essentially matched the lines of the profile. In this case: a low ponytail that’s polished and tame near the face, but highly dramatic throughout the pony itself.

Blow them away: Paul worked in Joico’s Heat Set for protection and shine, then proceeded to blow-dry Gina’s hair using a Mason Pearson brush at the root area only, and fingers everywhere else to create a loose and wild effect.

Seal the deal: Once hair was fully dry, K-PAK Protect and Shine Serum was applied to the root area for sleekness, then hair was gathered into a low ponytail and secured with an elastic. (A simple strand—wrapped around the elastic—concealed Paul’s handiwork.)

Roll with it: Next up–texture. Paul used his favorite hot rollers on the ponytail, starting at the top and working his way down; he left them in for 15 minutes until fully cool. After taking the rollers out, each section of hair was gently finger-combed and spritzed with Hair Shake to create volume, then back-combed (with fingers!) for more separation and texture.

Hang back: Wrapping up the look, Paul had Gina tilt her head back, allowing the ponytail to hang freely while he gave it a good dose of Flip Turn Finishing Spray…a guarantee that the drama would last all night long.


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