Recreate Salma Hayek’s Regal Updo

salma hayek updo

Why it’s a winner:  With subtle references to the ’60s it feels familiar yet fresh and new at the same time.  “The subtle accessory adds a touch of sparkly fun!” declares Damien.


  1. Prepare hair with Joico K-PAK Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Apply Joico Power Whip Whipped Foam to damp hair.
  3. Dry with a blow dryer and round brush with the goal of achieving maximum volume and movement.
  4. Beginning in the nape area, create a horizontal section, mist with Joico Power Spray Fast-Drying Finishing Spray, wrap the ends of the section between two pieces of tissue for protection and set it on a heated roller.  Repeat on the opposite size, then work up the back in a brickwork pattern, rolling each section under.
  5. Continue to work up the sides and through the top sections, setting the entire head.  Allow hair to cool and remove the rollers.
  6. Brush through with a Mason Pearson-style brush, tipping the head forward, back and side to side in order the blend the sections thoroughly.
  7. Gather all of the hair in a loose ponytail at the crown.  Pull the hair back, push it forward, then secure it with a bungee or elastic band.
  8. Divide the ponytail into two or three subsections, depending on the density of the hair, and backcomb each section with two quick strokes.
  9. Twist the ponytail into a large bun, and secure with long (3-inch) hairpins, camouflaging the ponytail bungee or elastic.
  10. Position the hair accessory in the desired spot.
  11. Mist palms with Power Spray and swipe the surface of the hair to tame flyaways without disturbing the style.">