Recreate Charlize Theron’s Feminine Crop

charlize theron feminine crop

Why it’s a winner: “Of course, she’s breathtaking,” Damien laughs, “but she also demonstrates how a short cut can look exceedingly feminine.  The secret is to keep the edges soft and well-tailored, and to punctuate the look with strong haircolor.”


  1. Allow hair to air dry, or rough dry with a blow dryer and your hands.
  2. Spray Joico Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax into the palms of your hand and work the product into the lengths, tousling strands and creating separation and texture.  Smooth the back and the sides and flip the fringe upward and back. “Less is more when it comes to shorter lengths,” advises Damien. “You never want this type of hair to appear greasy or overloaded with product.”">