Johnny Ramirez

Want to be one of those guests everyone invites to their party because you’ve got your fingers on the pulse of pop culture? Then get ready to start talking about Johnny Ramirez, the outrageously talented LA colorist scores of people have been buzzing about lately. We’re madly in love with his trademark “lived-in color,” a blonde-meets-brown masterpiece that brilliantly blurs the lines of grow out, allowing clients—wait for it–six months between color visits. It’s not an easy creation; in fact, we’ve heard it can take up to six hours to pull off. (Wanna know why? Details like this: Ramirez actually matches your root color and weaves it into teeny, tiny pieces throughout the whole head, creating a fake root that nixes those harsh lines of demarcation. Brilliant, right?)

Even more brilliant: We had a chat with Johnny recently…

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Let’s cut to the chase: People are insane about your lived-in color technique. Why all the hoopla?

The look has an easy, California beach vibe that can be worn all year round and you can dress it up or down. But the other reason people are into it is because of the low-maintenance piece: My lived-in color can get you up to six months between salon visits, except if you have grey hair.

Malibu’s nice and all…but what about the folks in New York? The looks gotta travel.

It works all over the country. I pop between San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Miami every few months. And I’m constantly getting messages from people in other cities looking for a colorist who can recreate the look. I’m pretty sure it works anywhere!

If our next color appointment is HALF A YEAR AWAY, how do we keep our hair looking all rich and shiny in the meantime?

I always recommend that my clients come in for an occasional gloss, but using a color deposit shampoo, like Joico’s Color Balance Blue or Purpl every few weeks is really important.

What’s all this about you teasing the hair before you foil it…

My style involves some teasing and backcombing. I need to control the bleach placements and teasing the hair assists me with this.

And we heard a rumor that you see 25 clients a day. Seriously?

It’s true. I have a team that assists me and that allows us to run like a well-oiled machine. We’re constantly moving and working.

Bragging now. Our new color baby, LumiShine, has apparently hit your favorites list. Spill…

I have to say that I especially like the scent—it’s the first thing that my clients notice every time I use it. But the shine? Amazing.

So, most colorists look at their client and say, “Hey…so what are we doing today?” You’re known to give them an actual homework assignment before they come in. For reals?

I implemented an “application process” for any client booking a color appointment with me. Before they come in, they fill out a questionnaire that gives me insight into their lifestyle, their past color services, recent treatments, and extensions. Then, I ask them to take photos of their current hair color so I can assess it prior to their visit…AND they have to provide me with inspiration photos of what they want to achieve. Lastly, the client has to name a look that they don’t like so I can get a better sense of their style and taste. All of this helps me analyze if the client is a color correction, and book an appropriate length appointment.

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You’re blowing up the internet, you know…

Social media has changed the game forever. It’s cultivated a network of inspiration for clients and others looking to achieve my lived-in color; it’s also opened the doors for me to work with celebrities and brands like Joico. Nine times out of ten, when a client comes in with a particular look they want, they found it on Pinterest or Instagram.

Quick: most popular look off the top of your head.

The blonde and brown mix–I call it “bronde”—is super hot right now. Clients ask for it all the time. I’ve also been getting a lot of requests for baby-blonde color—it’s a light but not platinum blonde that really plays into my lived-in color look.

Okay, can we admit that we’re pretty much star struck right about now? (You don’t have to answer that one.) We’ll just quietly head over to your Pinterest LumiShine board.

Or maybe not so quietly…


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