Jamie Chung NYFW 1

When actress and red-carpet fashionista, Jamie Chung, got the opportunity to represent Joico at designer Rebecca Vallance’s thrilling Pop Noir show during New York Fashion Week, she knew her hair had to rock the room. Fortunately, our very own celebrity stylist, Paul Norton—who actually styled all the models–was on hand to give her a coif that rocked. The result? Glam-and-sexy Boho waves that were exactly what Jamie needed to sail through the day’s shows with the most stunning hair ever. No need to be jealous, because Paul’s sharing his tricks and tips for pulling off this hot hairstyle…

THE MISSION: Deliver a hairstyle that was chic enough to show off among New York’s finest fashionistas…but would last throughout a busy day of shows.

THE LOOK: Glam Boho waves with a sexy side part

THE RESULT: Gorgeous…and easy!


1)    Tousle-dry clean, damp hair using Joico Heat Set to protect against damage from styling tools and reduce the frizz factor.

2)    Once fully dry, go over hair with a blowdryer and round brush to give roots volume and smooth the ends. (Tip: Avoid the middle of the hair to keep the texture as lively as possible.)

Jamie Chung NYFW curling

3)    Curl hair with two different curling irons: a 1 ¼-inch barrel and a 1-inch barrel. To create a natural, freer, more playful look, alternate the irons on each section, swapping the direction of the curls as well. (Bonus: Switching things up results in a fuller, less tailored coif.)

4)    Now create a deep side part for glamour and more volume at the roots.

Jamie Chung NYFW Hair Shake

5)    Tilt head back and spray Joico Hair Shake throughout the ends, using fingers as a comb to break up strands and liven things up. Tuck one side of hair behind the ear. (Trick: Hair Shake will help it stay put.)

Jamie Chung NYFW Flip Turn

6)    Give the ‘do a generous once-over with Joico Flip Turn Finishing Spray to control flyaways and guarantee the look is perfect all day long.


Jamie Chung NYFW Front IMG_0051 IMG_0055