The predictions are in: 2017 is the year of change, say the experts. It’s a time of transition, bold moves, personal magic, courage, and a positive attitude. And who better to forecast your astrological style than our hairdresser-to-the-stars, Paul Norton. From Capricorn to Cancer, he’s got every sign sealed and delivered!

gina horoscope hair


Your vibe: The bold and brave trailblazer. You’re always up for anything new, especially if you’re the one setting the trend.

Your look: Asymmetry, plenty of texture, and maybe even the gumption to go with a shaved side is definitely on the horizon for you.

Your star styler: Hair Shake–the ultimate texturizer–is your go-to product. It brings out your edge with every hit of the nozzle.

Alessandra horoscope hair


Your vibe: You’re a creature of habit and love to stay in your comfort zone.

Your look: The safe, always-elegant style of long hair with some face framing layers and maybe a bit of texture works well for you this year.

Your star styler: Don’t forget your Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Creme before straightening those strands with a blowdryer.

anne h horoscope hair


Your vibe: An adventurous spirit, always looking for something new and exciting, is the hallmark of your fun personality.

Your look: You’re the perfect candidate for 2017’s spunky cropped cut, especially with texturized layers that lend a playful spirit.

Your star styler: Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax is perfect for piecing up those edgy strands.

hailey b horoscope hair


Your vibe: The world may think you’re remote and stoic, but underneath that steely exterior lies a delicate soul.

Your look: A long, softly layered cut with heavy-but-piecey bangs gives you the best of both worlds.

Your star styler: JoiWhip, worked into damp hair before your blowout, offers that desired control.

kate-upton horoscope hair


Your vibe: You’re a leader at heart and truly love all the attention this lofty position delivers.

Your look: Nothing holds you back, so lots of volume and fun, flirty layers dovetail perfectly with your head-of-the-pack personality. A mid-length cut gives you the versatility to wear hair up or down.

Your star styler: Hair Shake (for sassy texture) and Flip Turn Volumizing Spray (for that upside-down blast of volume, hold, and shine) are your best friends.

jourdan dunn horoscope hair


Your vibe: The amazingly precise, dedicated, and critical nature of your Virgo personality make you an ace at whatever you put your mind to. You’re the one who always get the job done.

Your look: An angled or asymmetrical bob has the no-nonsense quality that allows you to stay focused on life, but enough style to lend feminine elegance.

Your star styler: Heat Set protects your strands from the mighty blowdryer, and a little dab of K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum brings out your gleam big-time.

rosie h horoscope hair


Your vibe: A people-pleaser at heart, your social, flirty disposition charms everyone.

Your look: A mid-length cut with some fun layers allows you the freedom to throw hair into a cute ponytail or wear it down with a sweet flip.

Your star styler: Power Whip Foam gives those layers the oomph they need and Power Spray keeps them perfectly in place.

rose byrne horoscope hair


Your vibe: Dark and mysterious, your withdrawn nature sometimes makes you seem aloof. But friends know you’re loyal to a fault (as long as they don’t cross you!)

Your look: A long, sultry bob with blunt bangs that rest at the brow line speaks volumes…so you don’t have to.

Your star styler: K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum adds the kind of luster your sophisticated hair deserves.

kylie horoscope hair


Your vibe: A fun, daring approach to life makes the risk-taker in you the envy of everyone.

Your look: No doubt here…you need a haircut with a lot of edge. Try a funky bob with some asymmetry; then add bright, bold, fashion color to show off your courage.

Your star styler: InstaTint Temporary Shimmer Spray is the IT product for your hair wardrobe. Try a new color a day…or mix things up for extra sass.

jessica alba horoscope hair


Your vibe: Stable, strong, and consistent, your traditional, reliable nature is a comfort to everyone in your inner circle.

Your look: All-one-length hair–whether it be longer strands or a shorter bob–is a safe bet and easy to maintain.

Your star styler: To combat the damage of blow-drying and flatirons, make sure Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray is always within reach. A touch of Power Spray will tame those flyaways.

jennifer law horoscope hair


Your vibe: You’re an original…a pioneer…and a visionary who doesn’t spend time worrying about approval from others.

Your look: That same independent spirit applies to your hair, which is why you can go super edgy or very done without a care in the world.

Your star styler: For those rock-it-out days, Matte Grip Texture Creme will help define individual strands, and Hair Shake amps up texture like no one’s business.

blake-lively horoscope hair


Your vibe: With an emotional, compassionate nature, your mood is known to  swing high and low.

Your look: A ponytail of any height (high and flirty for those “up” days; low and sleek for those tamer moments) is an ideal and easy hair solution for you.

Your star styler: Two loyal products–just like you–must never leave your side: Matte Grip, for keeping face-framing flyaways in place; and K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum for putting the sleek into your slicked-back ‘do.