With everyone still singing the praises of her recent Golden Globes win, it’s not surprising that Jane The Virgin actress, Gina Rodriguez, was tapped to present an award at last night’s Grammy celebration. Which is precisely why celebrity stylist, Paul Norton, knew he had to knock it out of park when creating a look for this rising star. “The Grammy’s is the kind of event where you can really go full-throttle sexy,” explains Paul. “And when I saw Gina’s form-fitting, low-cut gown, I knew instantly that I wanted to see her hair down with a wild, disco-meets-Studio-54 kind of curl.” Here’s how it all played out….

·      Paul started the set by cocktailing Joico’s JoiWhip and Heat Set together, working the products through Gina’s hair, then blow-drying with a round brush.

·      Next, he sprayed one-inch sections of her hair with IronClad, to protect strands from the heat of a Marcel ¾-size curling iron, which Paul used to create her voluminous waves. The trick here? He left ends uncurled (leaving them out of the barrel) to give them a “modern, edgy vibe.”

·      Then it was time to bring those curls to life. After finger-combing to break things up a bit, Paul had Gina flip her head upside down and generously sprayed Joico Flip Turn for extra fullness (and to make sure Gina’s ‘do made it through the long night).

·      For extra volume at the crown, Paul did some back-combing in horizontal sections, working his way forward.

·      From here, it was on to the tweaking stage, where Paul began wrapping random, two-inch sections of hair around a slightly larger curling iron, going in the opposite direction of the existing curls. “This really helps amp up the texture,” he says of his clever finishing trick.

·      And then it was time for the grand finale using Paul’s new secret weapon: Joico’s soon-to-hit-the-market Hair Shake, a micro-fine liquid-to-powder texturizer that produces the most velvety soft, mega-volume finish. Paul applied it liberally to Gina’s entire ‘do, scrunching sections with his hands to “give a nice, sexy messiness!” With a quick final spray of Flip Turn, the look was officially done. Music to Gina’s ears, as she hopped into the car and headed off to shine at the Grammy’s.">