When celebrity stylist, Paul Norton, was tapped to architect actress Gina Rodriguez’s hair for her stint as co-host of the recent Teen Choice Awards, he knew he was going to have to be a quick-change artist. The reason? Gina, the popular star of TV’s Jane The Virgin, was going to have to morph from red-carpet stunner to camera-ready host in a flash, and that meant creative hairstyling that was flexible, innovative…and really, really fast. (Like: Seven minutes fast.)

Naturally, Paul pulled it off—with a little help from his favorite Joico products, which, we have to admit, put a smile on our faces.

Here, the tricks, the tips, and the complete step-by-steps so you can recreate these Hollywood hair looks no matter what your zip code…

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images


“Gina, Gina, over here!” yell the paparazzi. Not a problem when hair is a mass of sexy, tousled waves.

·      Paul had Gina wash and condition her hair with Joico’s Color Balance Blue—our perfectly pigmented neutralizing duo designed to correct highlighted brunettes on contact, banishing any unwanted warm strands that may creep into dark color.

·      The curls came next: Using a curling wand, Paul alternated the direction of each one as he went along (some forward, some backwards), and even swapped the iron placement, laying it on top of the hair for half the curls, and laying the hair on top of the iron for others. (Stylist’s tip: Always start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up, rather than the other way around. It creates a more natural tousle.)

·      Then it was time for Hair Shake. Paul sprayed the unique texturizer into sections of the hair to create fullness and dimension, using his fingers to gently comb up the hair shaft after each spritz.

·      The glam move? A generous amount of Joico Gold Dust sprayed from roots to ends so Gina’s hair would have a sexy, glowing effect under the spotlights.

·      And finally, Joico Flip Turn Finishing Spray sealed the look, guaranteeing no naughty flyaways on camera.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images


Next up: a sexy, laced-up/slit-to-there silhouette for Gina, so Paul’s choice was this side-swept style to keep the attention on the curves of the gown.

·      With only seven minutes for hair (AND makeup), this transformation had to happen fast. Using a Mason Pearson hairbrush, Paul gathered and secured Gina’s hair to the side (smoothing ends and nape to keep things tidy), gently using his fingers to backcomb the curls for a little more fullness.

·      A second, light application of Hair Shake to the curls added another layer of texture; after each spritz, Paul separated the strands a bit, maximizing the volume.

Teen Choice Awards 2015 at the USC Galen Center on August 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
Teen Choice Awards 2015 at the USC Galen Center on August 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.


With the sass and flash of a sequined dress, it was time to split the difference (and the hair), by going back to a center part…this time, with a softer, more refined curl.

·      Returning to an even distribution of hair on both sides, Paul wielded his Mason Pearson brush again to lightly soften the waves he had created at the beginning of the evening. The trick: Place strands in the palm of your hand and brush hair over fingers to minimize the pull and lend control to curls.

·      To create a softer silhouette, Paul rolled back the hair at the left side of Gina’s face (which helped draw attention to her beautiful eyes), securing it with three bobby pins. A few more passes of Flip Turn to tackle potential flyaways and the look was camera ready.">