George Papanikolas’ 2013 Emmy Haircolor Winners

Christina Hendricks’ Copper Gold

GP-EmmyHaircolorPicks_CHRISTINAWhy: “This is my favorite copper color for fall,” says George, “and it’s a nice, lighter evolution from the darker copper color she’s worn for some time. It’s a pale, tone-on-tone strawberry blonde that’s beautiful on fair skin!”

Natural level: 7 with faded ends
Base: Joico Vero K-PAK Color ¾ 8G + Age Defy ¼ 8CG+ + 20-volume developer
Balayage highlights: Joico VeroLight + 40-volume developer
Gloss: Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome ½ RC8 + ½ Clear + 2 oz. Activator

January Jones’ High Wattage Blonde

GP-EmmyHaircolorPicks_JANUARYWhy: Not a brassy or too golden color, it’s cooler and just right for this kind of night. “It’s bright, vibrant and glamorous!”

Natural level: 7
Regrowth: Joico Vero K-PAK Color High Lift Ash + ¼ oz. Lightening Booster + 40-volume developer. Process 45 minutes.
Heavy foil highlights: Joico VeroLight + 20-volume developer

Anna Chlumsky’s Mocha Blonde

GP-EmmyHaircolorPicks_ANNAWhy: A great transition for Fall, “color like this, that’s really dimensional with a lot of tonal variation, is the most modern way to do blonde today.”

Natural level: 6/7
Regrowth: Joico Base Breaker Cool + 20-volume developer – process for 10 minutes
Foil highlights: Joico Verolight + 20-volume developer
Glaze: Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome ½ V9 + ½ Clear + 2 oz. Activator

Linda Cardellini’s Honey Highlights

GP-EmmyHaircolorPicks_LINDAWhy: Ombré is not going away says George but it is evolving! “This is the modern evolution of ombré – rich color with a few, strategic and well-blended pops of accent lights.” Her brunette hair heightened with these pops of light and dimensional color perfectly complemented her magnificent magenta Donna Karan Atelier gown.

Natural level: 4
Base: Joico Vero K-PAK Color ½ 5A + ½ 6N + 20-volume developer. Process and remove.
Highlights: Joico Verolight + 30-volume developer. Isolate a few large slices and backcomb vigorously, leaving a fine section on the ends. Apply lightener in foil to the non-backcombed sections and lift to a golden honey.
Gloss: Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome N9 + Activator">