Fall: It’s the season when leaves change colors…and so does hair. Our brilliant, trendsetting colorist, Johnny Ramirez, knows the new palette better than anyone.  “Something beautiful is happening to hair this fall…we’re seeing a combination of colors that are actually reminiscent of the variations on leaves from a tree,” he explains. So we asked Johnny to get graphic about these tones and trends, and he had plenty of colorful details for us. Listen in on our conversation right here…

​Joico: What’s the story with blondes this fall?

Johnny: Look for ice blondes with colored roots; “brondes” with beautiful golden hues woven throughout; and my Lived-In Color, which mimics the beauty, dimension, and natural highlights of a child’s blonde hair.

Joico: What’s firing up redheads right now?

Johnny: Coppery auburns are really popular…so much so, that we’ll be seeing the shade well into the winter season as well.

Brunette haircolor

Joico: And the big story with brunettes? Are we still embracing that Middleton-meets-Kardashian dimensional brown?

Johnny: Interestingly, brunettes want to go darker this fall, so prepare for plenty of single-processed color with dimension coming from very deep highlights. I’m loving rich chocolate, in particular—it’s warm and really striking.

johnny highlights

Joico: Where are we with highlights right now? Chunky? Subtle? Handpainted? Foiled?…

Johnny: First off, highlighting is going far, far away from chunky, and is customized for each client. Personally, I love to paint the hair and create fake roots…but I don’t think that means foiled strands are out. Expect a combination of the two as hairdressers experiment with various new techniques. It’s all about achieving a lived-in look that gives you lots of flexibility because it doesn’t appear harsh when hair grows out.

Joico: Do you think most colors eventually come back into style? Or do things vary completely from year to year?

Johnny: Color definitely evolves with time; and while you might see repetition, there are always subtle variations. For example, in the ‘90s, we saw bright colors with blues, reds, greens, and pinks—reminiscent of the punk era but updated with color-blocking and pastel accents. It wasn’t exactly the same, but it was inspired by that era and came back into the mainstream. Blondes are always going to be popular, but now it’s all about highlights rather than the chunky streaks from two decades ago.

Joico: Any other big-ticket items for fall we may have missed?

Johnny: Yes! Gold undertones—for all hair colors—are going to be huge this fall and winter. We’ll be seeing that sheen of warmth on everything from blondes to reds to dark hair. So beautiful!

lived in color

Joico: If a woman decided to do just one thing to her hair color for fall 2015, what would it be?

Johnny: Definitely try Lived-In Color. It’s my favorite look to create because I never tire of the natural blonde highlights inspired by my own daughter, Emilia. The color looks beautiful around the face, instantly knocks years off clients, and brightens their faces and smiles. It’s a win-win!

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