Damien Carney’s 2013 Emmy Hairstyle Winners

Emily Deschanel’s Delicate Upsweep

DC-EmmyHairstylePicks_EMILYWhy: “With just the right amount of volume and movement, it lifts eyes and cheekbones and complements the asymmetric style of the dress,” says Damien. “It’s a foolproof, flattering look.”

  1. Shampoo and condition with Joico K-PAK Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Apply Joico Power Whip Whipped Foam to damp hair.
  3. Dry hair with a round brush, encouraging lift, volume and movement.
  4. Tip head upside down and blast the dry hair with air to encourage additional volume.
  5. Divide the hair into two-inch square sections. With a large, two-inch curling iron, wind the first section forward, the next section backward, the next to the side, etc., to produce freestyle bend and movement in the hair.
  6. Once all sections are curled and cool, break up the hair with an oval styling brush and your fingers.
  7. Gather the hair into a low, loose bun at the nape and secure.
  8. Mist with Joico Power Spray Fast Drying Hairspray.


Heidi Klum’s Double Ponytail

DC-EmmyHairstylePicks_HEIDIWhy: “It’s quirky, chic and stylish… just like Heidi!”

  1. Apply Joico Smooth Cure Leave-In Treatment, followed by Joico JoiGel Firm Styling Gel to damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush.
  2. Divide the hair and gather the top section into a ponytail. Fold the pony under itself and secure it just below the crown.
  3. Subdivide the bottom half into four large sections and twirl each subsection vertically around a large curling iron to create volume and movement.
  4. Loosely gather the remaining hair into a second ponytail at the nape. Expand the pony to encourage volume. If the hair is quite long, collect it into another elastic at the tip of the tail.


Kristen Connolly’s Knife-Sharp Bob

DC-EmmyHairstylePicks_KRISTENWhy: “Long bobs are the hottest look of the moment – supermodels around the world are cutting off their hair and embracing this look. A deep, diagonal parting and sleek texture make this haircut special for the red carpet.”

  1. Apply Joico Smooth Cure Leave-In Rescue Treatment to damp hair.
  2. Blow dry with a round or Denman-style brush.
  3. Beginning in the front, divide dry hair into neat, diagonal sections. Working up from the hairline and pivoting around the head, gently press each section with a flat iron, beginning mid-strand and gently turning the ends under.
  4. Flat iron all of the lengths, omitting the shorter, nape sections.
  5. Mist with Joico Power Spray Fast Drying Hairspray.


Alfre Woodard’s Buoyant Curls

DC-EmmyHairstylePicks_ALFREWhy: A great look for a great lady, Ms. Woodard understands the difference between standing out and standing apart, being modern while still appropriate. A lesson her younger counterparts often falter in. “The curls are carefree and not too uniform, but the hair is polished, shiny and pretty.”

  1. Shampoo and condition with Joico Smooth Cure Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Divide the hair into one-inch square sections.
  3. Apply Joico Smooth Cure Leave-In Rescue Treatment to the palm of your hand, and wrap each section vertically around your hand as if it was a curling iron.
  4. “Set” the entire head in this manner.
  5. Place a diffuser on a low, warm setting, tilt the head upside down and gently dry the hair, being careful not to disturb the curls. Or allow the hair to air dry, gently squeezing it to encourage curl formation.
  6. When hair is completely dry, gently comb through with your fingers to separate the curls.
  7. Work a small amount of Joico K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum into the hair for moisture and shine.