Damien Carney Spring Hairstyle Trends

Part Parcel Damiens Spring Trends

Part and Parcel

Spring brings a throwback to the sleek-and-chic Seventies, when a dead-center part (think: Ali MacGraw) and close-to-the-head hair was all the rage. But there’s nothing outdated about this graphic approach, says superstar stylist Damien Carney, who loves to pull hair back into a tight pony or bun, allowing light to reflect off the dynamic, deeper brunette shades you’ll see this season.

Big bonus here: The sleekly-gathered style nets you an extra day or two between shampoos; especially if you refresh hair with a few invigorating spritzes of dry shampoo Try Joico’s Instant Refresh.


Big Bang Damiens Spring Trends

Big Bang Theory

They’ve always been hailed as the fastest way to make a change without committing to a full-on haircut, but the fringe that’s in for spring is just as statement-making as the real deal, says superstar stylist Damien Carney. (Case in point: Even the First Lady got in on the act; unveiling Inaugural bangs on center stage.) “They can be soft or choppy, straight-as-an-arrow or beautifully curved; but no matter how you cut it, the emphasis is on shine, shine, shine,” explains Carney. How to get there? With a few dabs of Joico’s Super Shine Glossing Polish – a brilliant, lightweight finishing wax that imparts unbelievable sheen to that freshly-trimmed fringe.



Slick Trick Damiens Spring Trends

The Slick Trick

Pairing both movement and hold in one fell swoop is just brilliant. And that’s what you get with the season’s unique 50/50 trend, says superstar stylist Damien Carney – hair that’s gelled and pulled back on top for a razor-sharp face-framer; dried smooth, sleek, and swingy on the bottom. Carney coins it “divine contrast” and explains that this duo ‘do works on any hair length, any texture, and any face shape. The perfect product for smoothing things out? Joico’s Power Sculpting Gel.



Au Naturel Damiens Spring Trends

Au Naturel

“There’s something charming and youthful about hair that’s fresh, clean, and intentionally undone,” says superstar stylist Damien Carney of spring’s most casual, wash-and-wear hair. “It’s like showing the world that you’re pretty…without looking like you’re trying too hard.” Between us, though, you do have to do a little something to look like you didn’t: namely, work a dollop of mousse into freshly-shampooed and conditioned hair, then blast it dry upside down, using hands to create texture and volume. (Hint: If your hair already has wave, you’re off the hook–just let locks dry naturally.) For the rest of us, a lightweight yet hardworking mousse-like Joico’s Power Whip Whipped Foam-is the way to go.



Get Something Straight Damiens Fall Trends

Get Something Straight

There is nothing more luxe-looking right now than gorgeously sleek, blunt-cut hair –strategically tucked behind the ears to show off your face, explains superstar stylist Damien Carney. Because this precision style involves a thorough, straight-as-an-arrow blow-dry (plus a few finishing passes with your flat-iron), good conditioner is key. Five minutes with K-Pak’s Reconstructor – a powerful treatment that provides moisture, shine, and strength – will do the trick; resulting in serious shine and swing that shows off spring’s most glam strands.