It’s 2016 and those New Year’s resolutions are calling you…calling you to the gym, that is, because a commitment to taking better care of yourself is usually high on everyone’s January list. We resolve to take care of you, too, by creating active-yet-attractive hairstyles that keep your ‘do intact through the most demanding spin classes and downward dogs.

Our Hollywood hair pro, Paul Norton, jumped in here and created three deliciously cool looks—sooo easy, you’ll see—that you can pull together before a workout, then waltz out the gym door without so much as a primp. How’s that for a lift? Your training session starts here…

The Braided Band Gym Hairstyle


We love the way this face-framing twist keeps hair out of the eyes without added accessories. Pull it back into a pony for your workout; release the hair afterwards for beachy texture.

·      Begin with “bed head” hair or add some gentle waves using a large-barrel curling iron. The texture helps keep hair in place.

·      Apply a generous amount of Joico Hair Shake from roots to ends, completely covering the entire head.

·      Part hair deeply to one side, about three inches from your hair line.

·      Next, separate the front hair and gather the back into a ponytail with an elastic.

·      Braid the front hair over to the other side, keeping the strands flush against the head. Continue until you reach the back of the opposite ear and secure the braid with an elastic plus one or two bobby pins.

·      When your workout’s done, remove the elastic, spritz hair with a few more sprays of Hair Shake; then scrunch and go!


The Bun Maneuver Gym Hairstyles


This classic, messy top-knot gets hair up and out of the way, yet segues perfectly back to the office or dinner.

·      Brush hair thoroughly with a paddle brush. Adding a dollop of Joico Power Gel to your hands to help smooth strands, flip head over and gather hair into a very high ponytail at the top/center of the head. Secure with an elastic.

·      Spray Joico Hair Shake on the ponytail, rubbing strands together to create a rough, messy texture—especially awesome on fine hair that needs to amp up density.

·      Loosely twist the entire ponytail (not so tight that the length shrinks up), then secure with an elastic.

·      Holding the end of your ponytail with one hand and placing the middle finger of your other hand in the center of the base of the ponytail, begin to wrap the pony around that finger until a bun is formed. Secure the end with a bobby pin, then add several hair pins on the sides for extra support.


The Updo/Headband Combo Gym Hairstyles


The best of both worlds: Hair that’s up and out of the way, but easy and elegant, too.

·      Spray Joico Hair Shake over entire head, avoiding the root area only.

·      Separate hair into front and back sections, using the ear as a halfway point. Clip away the front section while you work on the back.

·      Gather hair into a mid-to-high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then, twist the pony into a knot, securing it to the scalp with several discreet bobby pins.

·      Next, spray a bit more Hair Shake on the front section, and divide it into three parts: the top and the two sides. Pull the sides back, laying hair over the knot you created in the back, securing to the pony with bobby pins. Now pull the top section back and pin the same way.

·      Gently push back the center top piece to camouflage the knot and apply your favorite headband; shift hair to the front a bit so it creates a mini pouf.

·      Finish with Flip Turn Finishing Spray and use your fingers to pull, mold, and “mess things up” so the look appears almost free-form.


After the gym, shampoo and condition your hair with one of these color-protecting duos.